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Ristorante Hotel La MontaninaMenu


Selection of local kinds of cheeses with fruit jams€ 13,00
Cold plate of local salami with white cabbage, cumin and “Piave Vecchio” cheese€ 12,00
Parma-ham with melon€ 11,00
Big salad bowl with mozzarella and tuna-fish€ 9,00
Caesar Salad (Greensalad, Tomatoes, Chicken, Crouton and ranch sauce)€ 12,00

First Course

Homemade pumpkin ravioli served with hazelnut butter and ricotta°€ 13,00
Homemade Pappardelle with porcini mushrooms sauce°€ 13,00
Homemade tagliatelle served with venison sauce°€ 12,00
Spinach Spatzle with speck, cream and roast sauce°€ 8,00
Garganelli (fresh pasta) with “smoked salmon trout and cherry-tomatoes” sauce°€ 9,00
Spaghetti carbonara or bolognese or tomato sauce or garlic and oil sauce€ 8,00
Vegetable soup°€ 7,00
Soup of the day°€ 7,00

Typical dishes of the house

Montanina dish: Polenta, Sausages, Mushrooms and melted cheese°€ 15,00
Grilled sliced ​​beef with with Grana cheese and rocket salad€ 15,00
Venisono stew with polenta (maize porridge)°€ 15,00
Escalope with mushrooms€ 10,00
Vegetarian Dish: Grilled vegetables, cheese, mushrooms and polenta (maize porridge)€ 14,00
Fresh char fillet with fresh thyme and pan-fried potatoes°€ 14,00
Cutlet in breadcrumbs with french fries°€ 11,00

Side Dishes

French fries°€ 3,50
Pan-fried potatoes°€ 3,50
Butered leaf-spinach°€ 3,50
Mushrooms€ 5,00
Salad of the season€ 4,00


Warm apple-strudel with vanilla sauce°€ 4,00
Buckwheat cake with vanilla sauce€ 4,00
Panna cotta (Cooked cream) with berry-sauce€ 4,00
Vanilla ice-cream with coffee and cream€ 5,00

° The food could be frozen

Bread and cover-charge € 1,50